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Brakes which are in good condition and functioning properly are utterly crucial to the safe running of any motor vehicle. By slowing the car down and bringing it to a complete stop as and when needed, they ensure both smooth and safe driving and the ability to avoid potential mishaps. Every wheel on a car has a brake of its own and they can be divided into two main types – drum brakes and disc brakes. In the case of disc brakes, a system of callipers and brake pads is utilised in order to press against and apply friction to the brake discs in question, thus stopping them spinning and slowing the car down. Drum brakes utilise the same basic idea, but base it upon a system which uses a brake shoe pressing against the inside of a cylinder.

In both cases, it is vitally important that any worn parts be replaced as soon as possible, thus ensuring that braking power is maintained and the safety of the driver and any passengers guaranteed.