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Brake Parts/ Accessories

To see a range of Brake Parts/ Accessories for your car please enter your registration number into the search box to the left. Alternatively, start a new search for car parts here.

Whilst it’s a fairly basic fact of driving life that your car should be fitted with brakes which work safely and efficiently, there are still some accessories which can be bought to deal with specific requirements. Amongst the parts which we stock are the basic components of any system – the pads, shoes, drums and discs, as well as the brake fluid, calipers and brake hoses.

Over and above this, we also supply accessories along the lines of pads which provide extra grip and longevity, brake discs built to cope with extreme conditions and caliper paint which can be used to change and improve the look of brakes which are visible. Whether aiming to boost the efficiency of your brakes, or just wishing to ensure they are delivering maximum performance, you’ll find something in our range which meets your needs.