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Brake Lining/ Shoe

To see a range of Brake Lining/ Shoe for your car please enter your registration number into the search box to the left. Alternatively, start a new search for car parts here.

The brake shoe is a vital part of any drum brake system. In most cars, this system is used for both the main rear brake and the handbrake. The actual mechanics of the system are such that the shoe sits inside the drum and, upon the application of pressure to the brake pedal, the shoe expands and therefore presses against the surface of the inside of the drum. The friction which this contact creates acts to slow down the turning of the drum and therefore the wheel it is attached to.

The intensely physical nature of this process means that the shoes themselves wear down and need replacing every fifty thousand miles or so when the lining becomes excessively worn or damaged. We stock shoes for every make and model, meaning that anyone can be certain of safe and secure motoring.