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Brake Pads & Wear Indicators

To see a range of Brake Pads & Wear Indicators for your car please enter your registration number into the search box to the left. Alternatively, start a new search for car parts here.

The fact that the brake pads on your car are going to wear down is one of the facts of motoring life. The very function of a brake pad is based around friction, and the wear and tear and heat produced by this process is bound to be damaging.  What is vital is that you are able to monitor such wear and tear and take action to counter it. An indicator within the pad will be set to come into contact with the disc when the wear reaches a certain point. The electrical circuit thus created will turn on a warning light on the dashboard, alerting you to the problem before it reaches a dangerous level.

Fully functioning brakes are vital in terms of safety and successfully passing an MOT test, so find what you need within our range.