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Wheel Cylinders

To see a range of Wheel Cylinders for your car please enter your registration number into the search box to the left. Alternatively, start a new search for car parts here.

Having brakes which are in perfect working order isn’t just a necessity of an MOT. It is also vital in terms of safety, since being able to stop your car quickly in case of an emergency is something which could, quite easily, save your life. For this reason, keeping tabs on the condition of the various brake components is crucially important, and any which aren’t fully functioning should be immediately replaced.

If you have a drum brake system, then the wheel cylinder is just such a component. It is connected to the brake shoe and exerts pressure on it in order to slow the vehicle down. If it is damaged and leaking, then the pressure is lessened and thus the braking power impeded, with dangerous consequences. We stock the best wheel cylinders for all makes of car.