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Catalytic Converter

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The majority of modern day vehicles made from 1993 have a catalytic convertor on board to facilitate the reduction of harmful gasses into the atmosphere.

Your catalytic convertor does this by converting harmful gasses into less harmful ones. Within the catalytic convertor is a core of ceramics with pores of a diameter less than 1/1000 metre. These are usually coated with powdered catalysts that have such metals as rhodium, platinum and palladium.

Due to the positioning of the catalytic convertor – its proximity the engine - they heat up quickly, enabling the catalytic convertor to work more efficiently in lowering the emissions, which helps maintain a cleaner environment.

Sometimes failure is caused by a blockage within the catalytic convertor or a fault within the engine management system. In these circumstances, the catalytic convertor should be replaced with a good quality new one. We have a wide range of catalytic convertors here at Car Parts Genie. Please browse the site, search by your vehicle application or contact us and we can help you find the right catalytic convertor for your vehicle.