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Coil Springs

To see a range of Coil Springs for your car please enter your registration number into the search box to the left. Alternatively, start a new search for car parts here.

Ensuring that the suspension system of your car is in excellent condition is vital. For one thing it is a key part of passing the MOT test, but over and above this it is vital to the smooth and safe handling of your car. The coil springs are just what they sound like – tough metal coils which compress when the car encounters bumps in the road, which means they absorb the impact rather than passing it on to the car itself.

The fact that the springs are in constant use means that they are vulnerable to natural wear and tear and, if they lose any of their tensile strength then the job they do will be compromised. Rather than putting up with the problems caused by this, make a selection from the vast range of coil springs which we stock.